Privacy Policy


What information do we collect?

Personal information we collect when you connect a Strava account

When you connect a Strava account, Find That Ride transfers athlete and activity data from Strava. This includes your name, home location, and information regarding each of your activities. Activity information includes items such as activity title, activity date, and GPS tracks and is stored on our servers for a short period of time (< 7 days) in order to enhance your user experience. After no more than 7 days, this information is deleted from our servers and is only re-transferred from Strava if you re-visit the site. Note that none of your data is accessible to another user at any time.

Your email address is never acquired or stored by Find That Ride.

Even though we use your Strava account for authentication, your Strava password is never shared with Find That Ride.

While having access to your information on Strava, Find That Ride is required to comply with Strava’s API Agreement:

Personal information we collect when you purchase a subscription

When you purchase a subscription, Find That Ride uses Stripe to process payment information. All of your payment information is handled by Stripe and Find That Ride does not have access to any billing/payment information. Find That Ride only shares a unique identifier to Stripe in order to identify you as a user and Stripe only shares a similar unique identifier to identify the purchase and subscription information.

Stripe’s privacy policy can be found here:

Personal information we collect when you visit this site

When you visit this website, Find That Ride collects information on each request in the form of a server log file. This log file contains information such as your IP address, browser, operating system, etc. This information is collected in order to ensure site performance and to identify potential issues.

Find This Ride also uses Google Analytics in order to help measure visitor traffic. When visiting, information that you visited the site, along with basic information about your computer is collected. Note that your IP address is anonymized and that all personal identifiers are stripped from any information transmitted to Google Analytics.

As Find That Ride authenticates you through your Strava account, it is possible for Strava to know that you visited this site. For further information, Strava’s privacy policy is located here:

Find That Ride also displays your Strava profile photo while you are using this site. Your Strava profile photo URL is given to us by Strava and Find That Ride loads your profile photo from its original location. This location may be from Facebook or another 3rd party depending on how you set your profile photo in Strava. When your browser retrieves this photo, this 3rd party can be aware that you downloaded this photo.


Find That Ride uses cookies to improve your user experience. These cookies are both session-based (only the amount of time you’re visiting the site) and permanent (used to remember your identification to automatically log you onto the site when you return). Find That Ride does not use cookies to track you and there is no personal information in the cookie.

How do we protect this information?

Data Storage and Security

Find That Ride takes security very seriously. All information transferred between Find That Ride and 3rd parties (Strava and Stripe) is transferred using SSL/TLS encryption. While visiting our site, we require secure connections so that a 3rd party cannot intercept any of your data.

How can I delete this information?

Deleting Personal Information

You are free to delete all personal information from our server at any time.

Note that if you have a subscription with Find That Ride, you can delete either just your Strava data that we’ve collected or all personal information, which will include a unique Stripe identifier linking to your subscription information. If you choose to delete this, your Find That Ride subscription will be considered terminated and will not be able to be re-linked in the future.

If you have a subscription with Find That Ride, there is some personal information collected by Stripe during the payment process which includes your name and billing information. This information is stored only on Stripe’s servers and cannot be deleted due to accounting and tax purposes.

To delete your personal information from Find That Ride, visit this link: Delete User Data


Find That Ride is not intended for children under 13. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. If a child under 13 has used Find That Ride, we ask that a parent or guardian contact us at and we will delete all of their personal information from our server.

Do you share any information with 3rd parties?

Sharing Data to 3rd Parties

Find That Ride will never, under any circumstance, sell or share personal information to a 3rd party.

How can I be alerted to changes to this policy?

Updates to this Privacy Policy

Find That Ride may update this Privacy Policy as the website changes and as law change. The revision of this Privacy Policy can be found at the top of the page. Any changes to this privacy policy are effective as of this date.

If any substantial changes are made to this Privacy Policy, you will be notified by a notice on your next login to Find That Ride.

How can I ask questions?

Data Protection Officer

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or any of the information we collect, please contact